Queen's School of Computing
This page is for undergraduates in the School of Computing. For introductory information on our programs and how to apply to the School of Computing click here.


Topics Courses for 2016-17

Term Changes

See the prerequisite charts to find out what term your courses are in. Several have changed since 2015-16:
  • Now in Winter term: CISC 325, 352, CISC 497
  • Now in Fall term: CISC 322
This list is not necessarily exhaustive; always check for yourself.

Frequently Needed Links

For more information on our undergraduate programs, click here.
  • Is a course you want to take full or does it conflict with another course? Check out this page.
  • Interested in doing a dual degree or second degree in Computing? Check out the guidelines on this page.
  • Want to satisfy a plan requirement in a non-standard way (course substitutions or exemptions)? Follow the instructions here.

Grading Policy

The School of Computing Council on November 7, 2011 approved a motion allowing instructors in the School to use either letter grades or numerical grades for assignments and tests, but every course syllabus should state the method to be used.