Queen's School of Computing Last changed 10:26 AM Thursday May 10, 2018.

Enrollment Deadlines

Enrolment appointments begin July 10. We very strongly advise that you enrol immediately when your appointment starts. For July 10-18, enrolment in CISC/COCA/COGS courses is restricted to students registered in Computing degree plans; after that it is open to anyone who meets the prerequisites. Given the extraordinary increase in Computing enrolments, we cannot guarantee that there will be room in your courses if you try to enrol after July 18, especially in 2nd year courses.

Program/Plan Selection is May 15 - 26
Late Change of Plan is June 5 to July 7
Registration is July 4 - 28

  1. From July 4 Students can view their appointment time in SOLUS and can begin to load courses into their shopping carts.
  2. From July 10 to 18 Computing students will have priority in CISC/COGS/COCA courses.
  3. From July 19 - 28 enrollment restrictions are removed so if any student has the prereqs/coreqs and there is room in the courses they can enroll.
  4. From July 29 - August 21 is registration hiatus which means students cannot enroll.
  5. Open enrollment begins again August 22.
  6. Classes begin on September 11 so Sept 22 (end of 2nd week) is the last day to add Fall term courses or drop them without penalty. Bear in mind that if you add late you may have difficulties catching up.
See also the Arts and Science page on class selection.

Calendar Changes

  • Changes to Degree Plans: All degree plans (except COMA) now permit "STAT_Options" in place of STAT 263; this is a standard list used in several places in the Arts and Science calendar.
  • Group Work: The learning hours for several courses have been updated to show that they require group work. See the Arts and Science Calendar (Courses of Instruction)
  • Prerequisite Simplifications: For a few courses, a prerequisite has been removed or replaced by the prerequisite to the prerequisite. See the revised prerequisite charts.

Grade Requirement in Prerequisite Courses

Starting in July 2017 enrollment in any Computing course will require a C- or better in all its prerequisite courses. We will waive the C- requirement on any direct prerequisite completed before July 1, 2017, when the new calendar came into effect. This waiver will be available until the end of June 2019, when everyone currently completing first year will have had two years to fix deficiencies in their transcripts.

If SOLUS rejects your enrollment attempt because of the grade requirement, contact the Undergraduate Assistant, Karen Knight, supplying your student number, the courses involved, and what prerequisite course is preventing enrollment. If the course has labs, specify all the slots that are compatible with your current schedule; we can't guarantee you your preferred lab time.

We will delay handling requests from non-Computing students until July 19, since prior to that enrollment is reserved for students already in Computing plans.

Summer CISC 121 and Enrollment

If you are enrolled in CISC 121 in July-August, SOLUS will assume you get the required C- or better grade, so you can enroll in courses for which it is a prerequisite as soon as open enrollment starts (July 19). You will be dropped from follow-on courses in September if you get a D+ or worse.

Fall CISC 121 and Math Co-Requisite

If you try to take CISC 121 in the fall without CISC 102, or try to drop CISC 102, SOLUS does not recognize the full-year MATH courses (110, 111, 120, 121) as satisfying the co-requisite. If this happens to you, contact Karen Knight for an override.

Enrollment for COCA students

SOLUS can't tell when someone intends to take a COCA degree, since COCA students are officially in Arts degrees instead of Computing degrees, so can't qualify for enrollment in CISC courses during the period when enrollment is restricted to Computing students. Enroll in all your other courses during your appointment, but you need to wait until July 17 for CISC courses when Arts students are allowed to enrol.

Internship Requirements

You must now have a maximum of 90 units of courses completed by the end of the academic year just before the start of your internship. School of Computing policy requires you to return for a full academic year after an internship.

Topics Courses for 2017-18

CISC 432 is not offered this year.

CISC 490: Introduction to Data Analytics, will be offered in Winter 2018. Course description:

Extracting actionable insights from "big data." Predictive models; exploring and visualizing data; using machine-learning algorithms. Dealing with corrupt data, anomalies, missing values, and high dimensionality. Application of deep learning. Use of standard analytics tools.
Prerequisite: CISC 121 and (STAT 269 or CISC/CMPE 333)
Co-requisite: CISC/CMPE 332

Term Changes

See the course list to find out what term your courses are in. Several have changed since 2016-17:
  • Now in Fall term: COCA 201, COGS 201, CISC 282, CISC 462, CISC 471
  • Now in Winter term: CISC 452/COGS 400
Current as of June 7, 2017. An earlier version of this list had CISC 352 in the fall, but it has been moved back to the winter.
This list is not necessarily exhaustive; always check for yourself.

BMCO conflict for CISC 220 and CISC 330

Biomedical Computing students who deferred CISC 220 to third year have a conflict with CISC 330. Both instructors have agreed to allow this conflict provided you sign and date this agreement and give it (or scan and email) to Karen Knight. If you meet the prerequisites for both courses she will add you to both manually.

COCA 201 / CISC 226 Conflict

Because scheduling has too many constraints to satisfy, COCA 201 and CISC 226 conflict this year. Do not ask for a conflict waiver; we can't grant any since the overlapping slot is essential in both courses.

CISC 223 / CISC 497 Conflict

Students who deferred CISC 223 until 4th year have a conflict with CISC 497. Enroll yourself in CISC 497 first, fill out and sign this form, scan and send it to Karen Knight. She will enroll you if you meet the prerequisites.

COGS 300

COGS 300 (Programming Cognitive Models) is not offerred this year and if planned changes pass the requisite approval process, will be eliminated next year. We previously advised COGS students to instead take CISC 332 (Database Management Systems) in the winter. However, almost certainly for 2018-19 the COGS plan will change to allow any course in the COGS_Computing list to replace COGS 300. This list consist of COGS 300 (should it ever be taught again) and CISC 220, 223, 325, 340, 365, 425, 454, 465, 481, 500, and SOFT 325 and SOFT 425; next year we'll add CISC 226, 271, 333, 457, 486, and 496.

When you pass whichever one of these courses you pick, ask the Chair of Undergraduate Studies to notify the registrar to use it to satisfy the COGS 300 requirement in your plan.

CISC 320 conflict with architecture courses 322 and 326

The mandatory CISC 320 tutorial conflicts with mandatory lectures in CISC 322 and CISC 326. Thus students in plans requiring an architecture course (including the major, SODE, and CSCI) cannot take CISC 320 this year. No plan but BMCO requires CISC 320, and it has no follow-on courses; you can try again next year.

CISC 322

CISC 322 is full. Students needing an architecture course should take CISC 326.

CISC 322 required permission of the School for the July 10-18 enrollment period so that we could give priority to SODE (Software Development) students not going on internships, and to COMA students.

CISC 324/497 Conflict

CISC 324 and CISC 497 conflict in Winter 2018. If you deferred CISC 324 to fourth year, enroll in CISC 497 first, then send email to the Undergraduate Assistent, Karen Knight, stating that you have a conflict, and she will enroll you in 324. You are required to attend all CISC 497 lectures, and will have to have a classmate take notes for you in CISC 324.

CISC 330 in Slot 3

CISC 330 was initially scheduled in slot 13 (Mo 1:30PM - 2:30PM, We 12:30PM - 1:30PM, Fr 11:30AM - 12:30PM) where it conflicted with CISC 320 (both required in BMCO). However it was supposed to be in slot 3 (three hours earlier). As of Wednesday June 27 it has been corrected.

This puts it in conflict with CISC 220. The instructors have agreed to allow a conflict for BMCO students; there will be a form to fill out to request us to enroll you in CISC 220 after you enroll yourself in CISC 330.

400-level Option Courses

  • The major and the Computer Science specialization require a 400-level theory course. The available choices are CISC 422 and 462, both in the fall.
  • Software Design (Software Development) requires a 400-level course from a list called Soft_Design in the offical plan description. The available courses are CISC 435 (fall), CISC 453 (winter), CISC 454 (winter), CISC 458 (winter), and CISC 486 (fall).

CISC 422 closed

CISC 422 as of Friday July 14 was close to full. We temporarily reserved all remaining spaces for SODE students who will be graduating in June 2018, but managed to find a somewhat larger room. If you tried to add it late last week, try again.

CISC 500

The deadline for submitting proposals for undergraduate theses was Monday June 19, 8am. Prof. Mousavi will coordinate the course during the 2017-18 academic year.