Queen's School of Computing

Independent Study

Exceptionally qualified students entering their third or fourth year may take a program of independent study provided it has been approved both by the Associate Dean (Studies) and by the Department or Departments principally involved.

A Department may approve an independent study program without permitting it to be counted toward a concentration in that Department. It is, consequently, the responsibility of students taking such programs to ensure that the concentration requirements for a degree will be met.

Requests for such a program must be received by the Office of the Associate Deans (Studies) one month before the start of the first term in which the student intends to undertake the program. Requests must include:

  1.   a detailed outline of the project, including its aims, the topics to be studied, and a preliminary list of readings;
  2.   the names of the faculty members supervising the project, including the principal coordinator;
  3.   the number of units for which the project is to substitute, based on an estimate of the amount of work to be covered by the project, taking into account the planned learning hours; and
  4.   the method by which the student's performance is to be evaluated, and the method by which the grade or grades will be assigned.

The Associate Deans (Studies) may, in consultation with the student and faculty members involved, propose modifications in the project, particularly with respect to the number of units to be assigned to it. The Associate Dean (Studies) may require an interview with the student.

Use the following course codes for independent study courses in Computing: CISC-594/3.0 for a 3.0-unit course; CISC-595/6.0 for a 6.0-unit course; CISC-596/12.0 for a 12.0-unit course; CISC-597/18.0 for an 18.0-unit course; CISC-598/9.0 for a 9.0-unit course.

With permission of the Undergraduate Chair, an Independent Study course can be used to satisfy a CISC-499/3.0 plan requirement.