Queen's School of Computing A learning outcome is a brief statement of a skill, competency, or attitude a successful student will achieve by the end of a degree program or a course. A degree program has a set of abstract "program learning outcomes" (PLOs), each of which is supported by more detailed learning outcomes from several courses. Each course has more concrete subject-specific "course learning outcomes" (CLOs). Some are meant to directly support the program learning outcomes; others are more detailed descriptions of the specifics of the course. The School of Computing website describes learning outcomes meant to be reasonably stable across several years, subject to regular reviews. The website for a specific offering of a course may describe even more concrete outcomes that might vary from term to term.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning has several resources for understanding learning outcomes.

These web pages are the current version of the learning outcomes catalog. Many originated in the QUQAP Cyclic Program Review in 2014-15. All are under review during 2015-2018 and can be expected to change.