Queen's School of Computing

June 30, 2020

Contact Information: b2wcom@cs.queensu.ca
Chair: Ben Hall, bhall@queensu.ca, 613-533-6066


This document outlines the School of Computing plan to permit access to the unit’s spaces for approved course preparation and purposes. Those who wish to apply for such access should read this document carefully. The general process for accessing spaces within the School of Computing is:

  1. Review the activities qualifying for access at this time (section 2).
  2. Follow the unit’s process for applying to access on-campus spaces (section 3). Applying for access involves justifying why access is needed (section 2) and explaining how you will adhere to all safety requirements (sections 4).
  3. If access is granted, you may access the space according to the approved schedule. When doing so, all safety requirements (section 4) must be followed and access to the spaces must proceed according to the approved rules for movement within the unit (section 5) or access will be revoked.

1. Introduction.

As restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic begin to ease, Queen’s University is implementing a phased return to campus. Access to campus has now been approved for researchers who qualify under Priority Timelines 1 and 2 and educators who require intermittent access to on-campus resources for remote course development. Queen’s employees who have been granted site access should regularly check the Queen’s University Covid-19 website for up-to-date information.

This document outlines the mechanism for requesting access to spaces within the School of Computing and the requirements that must be met while using those spaces. It is critical that people adhere to these guidelines that describe various safety protocols. Flexibility is key to the following process because the situation could change rapidly based on the local situation and government directives.

Permission to conduct work involving the Animal Care Facilities, human participants, or field work cannot be approved through the process outlined in this document. Individuals requiring access for these kinds of research should follow the procedures available on the VPR’s COVID-19 site.

2. Qualifying for Access.

Access to a unit’s on-campus spaces can be approved by the unit in cases that meet all three of the following criteria:

  1. Access can be provided without exceeding room capacities and while meeting all relevant health and safety laws, regulations, and guidelines.
  2. The activity requiring on-campus access requires the use of resources that cannot be reasonably relocated to a remote work environment.
  3. The activity requiring on-campus access will involve preparing for remote teaching in Fall 2020 or conducting research falling within Research Priority Timelines 1 and 2. These activities are described in sections 2.1 through 2.3.

Note that access is only granted for the period of time needed to conduct work that meets these three criteria.

2.1. Intermittent access to develop courses for remote delivery:

This category is intended to provide instructors with access to on-campus spaces/resources in order to conduct activities that cannot be reasonably completed at home in support of the remote delivery of Fall 2020 courses. Examples of such activities include recording lectures or demonstrations. Access to offices for quiet spaces to record material for remote delivery is permitted, but access is not permitted for individuals to conduct work related to teaching that can be achieved while working from home.

2.2. Priority Timeline 1 Research:

This category is intended to provide access to on-campus spaces to conduct research in order to avoid, or minimize, negative outcomes that would occur if the work was not conducted by Aug. 31, 2020. Examples of activities that qualify within Priority Timeline 1 are available on the VPR’s website.

2.3. Priority Timeline 2 Research:

This category is intended to provide access to on-campus spaces to conduct research in order to avoid, or minimize, negative outcomes that would occur if the work was not conducted by Dec. 31, 2020. Examples of activities that qualify within Priority Timeline 2 are available on the VPR’s website.

3. Process for Requesting Access.

The process to request access to the School of Computing for research or the support of online teaching is outlined below:

The committee will make a recommendation to the Director for final approval.

4. Health and Safety Requirements.

This section outlines requirements for all people accessing spaces in the School of Computing. Failure to follow any of these guidelines will result in permission to access the unit’s spaces being revoked. Depending on the severity of any violations, access may be revoked for an individual, a research group, or even a whole unit.

4.1 Queen’s University Return to Work Guidelines:

Queen’s University has developed Return to Campus Guidelines based on recommendations from government and public health officials that must be reviewed and followed by all campus users. These Guidelines will be updated as additional information is available and as regional and provincial measures are amended. As necessary edits are made, a summary of the changes from previous versions are available on the Campus Operations Group webpage. Approval for access to university space can be rescinded if university and public health guidelines are not followed.

The Queen’s University Return to Work Guidelines cover a wide range of scenarios for people accessing campus. The following guidelines are particularly relevant for those accessing spaces in the School of Computing through the process outlined in this document:

  1. Supervisors and employees should familiarize themselves with the passive and active monitoring guidelines, and follow these practices. In particular, research personnel should check-in daily with their supervisor to confirm that they are not exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. (requirement)
  2. Anyone who is sick or is awaiting results from a COVID-19 test should not attempt to access on-campus spaces under any circumstances. If you become unwell during the working day, please leave campus. If you notice a colleague appearing unwell, encourage them to go home and inform your direct supervisor. (requirement)
  3. In the case of a confirmed positive case the supervisor/manager must immediately inform Dan Langham, Director Environmental Health and Safety (613-533-6000 x74980, dan.langham@queensu.ca). Personal health information must be treated confidentially and emails with the infected individuals name should not be sent. No other action is to be taken unless instructed to do so by Environmental Health & Safety. (requirement)
  4. Proper hand hygiene and maintaining physical distancing of at least 2 metres (6 feet) remains the most effect way to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. When physical distancing is not possible, e.g. when passing individuals in a hallway, any contact with less than 2 metres of separation must be kept as brief as possible. (requirement)
  5. Queen’s is strongly encouraging anyone on campus to wear a face covering in all common areas; particularly in spaces where maintaining physical distancing is challenging. 2 masks/employee are available for free through Print and Postal Services. (recommendation)

4.2. FAS Return to Work Guidelines:

Further to the requirement to review and adhere to the University’s Return to Work Guidelines, the following requirements and recommendations should be followed when accessing spaces in FAS:

  1. Returning to work on campus is voluntary and it should be clear that no one is required to return to work until the department is completely opened. No penalties should be assessed against anyone for declining to enter the building to continue on-site work. A person that does not feel comfortable returning to work should continue to work remotely. (requirement)
  2. Access will only be granted as permitted by the capacities of spaces indicated in the unit’s space plan. If access must be declined due to capacity limitations, access for teaching and priority timeline 1 research takes priority over access for priority timeline 2 research. (requirement)
  3. Normal safety rules still apply. Do not allow the focus on Covid-19 to distract you from practicing normal safety protocols. (requirement)

4.3. Department Return to Work Guidelines:

Further to the requirements and recommendations of Queen’s and FAS, the department issues the following recommendations:

  • Review the following information:
  • For additional face masks, sanitizer wipes and bottles of hand sanitizer, please email Tom Bradshaw (bradshaw@queensu.ca), the School will keep a supply.

5. Unit Space Information.

  • Use face masks when entering and exiting a building.
  • Use a face masks when moving between spaces within buildings. For example, washroom visits or meeting with colleagues in offices.
  • For space capacity, review Space Maps for your building.
  • Tracing people entering and exiting buildings is required. Please use the Contact Tracing Centre for this purpose. Please note, you do not need to log activities such as leaving the building for lunch or appointments.
  • Capacity for washrooms, elevators and Goodwin Hall 6th floor coffee room is single occupancy.