Queen's School of Computing

Courses Recommended for School of Business Students
taking the Queen's Option in Computing

CISC-121/3.0     Introduction to Computing Science I

CISC-124/3.0     Introduction to Computing Science II

CISC-203/3.0     Discrete Mathematics for Computing Science

CISC-220/3.0     System-Level Programming

CISC-235/3.0     Data Structures

CISC-332/3.0     Database Management Systems

CISC-333/3.0     Introduction to Data Mining

CISC-432/3.0      Advanced Database Systems

Note: COMM-161/3.0 will satisfy the "first-year Math" co-requisite to CISC-121/3.0 and 124/3.0, and the CISC-204/3.0 prerequisite to CISC-332/3.0. Other exceptions may be granted by a course instructor.

To see the relationships between courses, check out the Computing prerequisite chart.

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For information on course instructors and timetable, check out the Queen's Course Timetable.